We foster educational and societal progress

by empowerment through access to knowledge

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The NEXT_INSITITUTE is founded based on the deep conviction, that societal and educational progress is fundamentally fueled by broad access to knowledge. Consequently, our activities will unfold under the unified legal body of a non-profit organization with the primary goal of distributing knowledge.

As a collective of practicing architects, strategic planners and design professionals our domain of expertise and interest is – but is not restricted to – technology, theory and practice which are crafting the build environment.

In combining designing and making we want to expand the Czech community horizon to an international scope. We distinguish our activities from existing institutions in critically merging global design evolution with the strength of local expertise. Moreover, we aim to trigger novel perspectives through the mechanisms of appropriation (technology) and rededication (concept).

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mail: what@nextinstitute.eu

tel. + 420 732 436 316

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